Business Networking in Hastings, East Sussex

     7am Every Tuesday Morning at Sedlescombe Golf Club.
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The BNI Experience

Being active in BNI is like having up to 40 sales people working for you, because your fellow members will be carrying your cards and referring your business to people they meet, without you having to pay them any salaries or commission.

Successful businesses depend on ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing as the best form of promotion there is.

BNI provides a structured, supportive, business environment in which local business people can get together to network, learn valuable new marketing skills and develop the strong personal relationships that lead to trust and the consequent generation of significant business for each other.

The Most Important ‘Meal’ of the Day

‘Its not net-sit or net-eat its net-work’ – Ivan Misner PhD Founder and CEO of BNI

The essence of BNI is that although the meeting takes place at breakfast the sole reason for coming is to net-work! Efficiency and timings are maintained because every BNI meeting follows a structured 20 point agenda.

If you attend a BNI meeting in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, the United States or anywhere else, you will find all meetings follow exactly the same format, using exactly the same agenda.

They are focussed on generating business for the participants and there are no secondary agendas.